Unlock the Power of Personalization with Association Server

In today's crowded digital landscape, providing a personalized experience is key to engaging and retaining your association's members. That's where Association Server excels. Our platform is meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges associations face when managing large volumes of members.

At the heart of Association Server lies our revolutionary Active Segments tool. This powerful feature empowers your staff to effortlessly target specific segments of your membership base with pinpoint accuracy. With Active Segments, you can craft highly personalized communications, tailoring your website content, emails, and other outreach efforts to resonate with each member's unique interests and needs.

Organizations and associations often measure member engagement metrics to understand how actively involved and connected their members are with the organization.

Some common member engagement metrics they may track include:

  • Attendance at events: Tracking attendance numbers for meetings, conferences, webinars, or other events hosted by the association. Higher attendance generally indicates higher engagement.
  • Website and online community activity: Measuring website traffic, downloads of resources, participation in online forums or communities hosted by the association.
  • Renewals and retention rates: Looking at what percentage of members renew their membership each year. Higher renewal rates suggest members find value in being part of the association.
  • Volunteering and committee participation: Tracking how many members volunteer for committees, task forces or other association initiatives. This active involvement indicates engagement.
  • Survey responses and feedback: Conducting member surveys and measuring response rates as well as the feedback provided about programs, benefits, etc.
  • Social media engagement: Measuring likes, shares, comments on the association's social media posts across platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Certification or credentialing programs: For associations that offer certifications, looking at how many members pursue and maintain these professional credentials.

By analyzing a mix of quantitative data like renewal rates along with qualitative feedback from surveys, associations can gauge the overall health of member engagement across multiple touchpoints. This helps inform decisions about member value, programs and communications strategies.. 

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